what was Nest..

by Sally Mackey, Deputy Dean of Studies, Central School of Speech and Drama

I made the mistake of talking about Nest recently with some undergraduates I teach, without having planned how I was going to discuss it. "It was in a primary school, near Basildon. The school had been transformed into an installation – a number of 'nests'. Artists had worked with staff and children to create the nests. Erm … it was amazing." Not surprisingly, they didn’t ‘get it’. It is - quite possibly - hard to ‘get’ - unless you were there.....continue reading »

april 5th 2008

what has Nest meant to us?

by Diane Pilgrim, Head Teacher, Briscoe Primary School and Nursery

I'd been at Briscoe a matter of days when Creative Partnerships contacted me about placing a bid for a school project. At that time the pupils and staff were very vulnerable, behavior was a huge issue and my days were spent 'fire fighting'. I didn't have the time to place a bid but was interested so I agreed to meet with Serena Abbott the Creative Programmer and she accepted my bid on a post-it note! It read something along the lines of 'I want the children at Briscoe to be motivated to learn'- that basic! Three years on, our work with Creative Partnerships has achieved this and so much more....continue reading »

may 16th 2008

something I'll treasure

by Kelly Herring, Learning Mentor, Briscoe Primary School and Nursery

Working with Creative Partnerships and the parents on Nest is an experience that I will remember for life, something that I will treasure.

CP brought out a creative side in our parents that most didn't know they had! All parents involved were allowed to be themselves without being judged. (Most of the time they are judged and face negative feedback). Watching each one grow was very emotional. We laughed and cried along our journey eventually finding pride in who we are. We discovered that as women we have so much more to offer than being just a wife or mother. We learnt a lot about who we are......continue reading »

may 23rd 2008

book detailsarrow

A full colour, illustrated book documenting some of the images and ideas generated by this event, authored by Sarah Cole, illustrated by Talya Baldwin and published by Creative Partnerships is now available.

If you would like to find out more about the book, please feel free to get in touch.


Documentation Photographs: Andrew Whittuck, KevinDutton and Sarah Cole. Lighting Design: Adam Povey and Jake Bennett. Creative Partnerships Thames Gateway, Director: Sue Lawther. Creative Partnerships Thames Gateway, Programmer: Serena Abbott. Performers: Thomas, Lucas, Phoebe, Josh, Bobbie, Kayleigh, Zack, Bradley, John, Brooke, Hayley, Jade, Emily, Sian, Lewis, Tommy, Sarah, Clare, Josh, Alex, Casey, Pat, Jan, Karen, Christian, Aaron, Hope, Sophie, Summer, Jason, Jordan, Rachel, Paige, Connor, Lizzy, Charlie, Vissey, KerryAnn, Dean, Courteney, Karan, Caitlin, Ethan, Taylor, Jake, Abbey-lee, Jac, Katrina, Jordan, Georgia, Ben, Jordan, Iain, Charlie, Jordan, Alicia, Kelly, Ian, Debbie, Charlotte, Tammy, Nina, Fern, Diane and Vicky. Artists: Sarah Cole, Mark Storor, Jules Maxwell, Helen Lowe, Julian Walker and Rachel Anderson.